We believe in
quality products

Together, We deliver

We believe in the potential of quality products.

Our vision

Imetra is short for Import, Export and Trading, but that does not adequately reflect what we stand for or what our expertise is and perhaps more importantly our USP’s. In addition to the above parts, we are a logistics partner for both supplier and our customers and if necessary we guarantee production capacity at our producers. In this last form we are therefore also a producer. Our team of experts is complemented by various specialized partners which enables us to respond flexibly and quickly to changing market conditions.

What we do

Our product choice is actually simple! We have a number of strategic fixed products in our assortment.  New products and/or suppliers will only be accepted if we can give the product the attention it deserves! In addition, the producer must have all necessary certifications and quality control systems.

Because we are not alone in the market, we demand that we can put our products competitively into the market in terms of quality and price. Whether this is our own brand or a product produced in private label.

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